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Welcome to Sishh Little Babies

Hello! I’m Sistaciou Mccatty, a passionate mom and seasoned pediatric sleep consultant. With years of experience and a heart full of empathy, I’ve dedicated my career to helping families achieve restful sleep. My journey as a mother of three has deeply informed my approach, blending professional expertise with real-life insights. I’m committed to empowering parents with personalized, compassionate guidance to ensure their little ones—and they—enjoy the sleep they deserve. Let’s embark on this journey to peaceful nights together.

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Craft a Newborn Sleep Plan to nurture peaceful nights and healthy habits from the start, emphasizing comfort, flexibility, and understanding for 0-4 month-olds.

Embrace structured routines, sleep coaching for serene nights, celebrating milestones with personalized support, understanding for infants to toddlers aged 5 months to 2 years.

Empower toddlers (2-5 years) with sleep habits for joyful days and restful nights, fostering confidence and family harmony in ‘Toddler Sleep Transformation’.

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Choosing us means entrusting your family’s sleep to a professional deeply committed to your child’s well-being. With personalized plans, compassionate support, and proven methods, we transform sleepless nights into peaceful rest for everyone.


See Our Client Says

Sistaciou is one of a kind! Not only is she an amazing person, but she has years of experience and knowledge to share. She was with us from the start and it made all the difference in our little one's development. Sistaciou built sleep habits that carried through all the stages, from newborn to our now 6 month old. Hadley is able to put herself to sleep for every nap! Sistaciou also helped institute a bedtime routine once Hadley was at that stage, and our little lady goes down at night no problem. She set Haldey and us up to succeed in the sleep category and we feel confident going forward, and know she is only a text/call away for any questions. Not only is Sistaciou certified in sleep training which is important as a first time Mum, but she was a true support through the first 5 months. She helped two new parents with a lot of firsts and made us laugh and relax along the way. She went above and beyond, becoming part of our family, which included our 2 dogs who waited by the door every evening for her arrival. I can't say enough how confident she made me feel as a Mum and I am grateful to her for it!


Sistaciou's guidance was a game-changer for our family. Our baby now sleeps through the night, and we feel like we've finally gotten our lives back. Highly recommend!

Jenna R.

The Sweet Dream Starter Package was exactly what we needed. Sistaciou's personalized approach and ongoing support made all the difference. Thank you for the restful nights!

Marcus and Lily T.

We were struggling with our toddler's sleep, but after the Toddler Sleep Transformation, bedtime is no longer a battle. Sistaciou's expertise and kindness really shine through.

Derek S.


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